Jubilee’s Sixth Celebration Event

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Emily and David sharing at the event.

We are so thankful for all of you who were able to attend our sixth annual celebration event on November 19th, 2015!  Thanks to the hard work of many people, it was a very successful evening!  Whether or not you were able to attend, we thought you would like to know a little bit about what went on behind the scenes beforehand!

A planning committee of six, headed up by Christine Gettel and Jon Helder, started the planning for this year’s event on the heels of last year’s event.  Their first order of business was to find a new venue since we had clearly outgrown our previous one.  The Pinnacle Center was chosen because of its convenient location, all-inclusive services, audio-visual capabilities, and larger size.  We received very positive feedback about the venue, and guests especially liked the screens on three sides of the room which made it easy for everyone to see the presenters.


Praise and worship led by students from Potter’s House School.

Once the venue was confirmed, the committee had a lot of detail work to do!  For Emily and David who were in Honduras, this meant deciding on a theme, taking photographs, and working with a videographer.  The videographer came to Jubilee School for several days to record the students’ daily routines and interview them.  For the committee in the Grand Rapids area, this meant deciding on decorations, printing, sending, and e-mailing invitations, following up with table hosts, printing programs, and communicating with the presenters and the staff at the Pinnacle Center.


Volunteer, Amy Haroff, being interviewed by board member, Kathy DeJong.

After months and months of planning, finally it was time for the big event!  All involved in putting on the event gathered early to make final preparations and to pray together.  Approximately 320 guests arrived, greeted others they knew, and enjoyed hors d’oeuvres before the program started.  From the time of praise and worship and showing of the video, to the presentation made by Emily and David, and the interview with long-term volunteer, Amy Haroff, God’s presence was palpable. In talking with the guests afterwards, all of the committee members reported that they heard nothing but positive comments about the program.  We are so thankful that so very many hearts were moved by the evening!


A view of our gathering space at The Pinnacle Center.

While those who attended the program were richly blessed, so, too, were those involved in putting it on!  Christine Gettel reported that she was able to visit Jubilee’s ministry in Honduras two years ago. She said, “I was very impressed with the school, its teachers, and the comprehensiveness of Emily and David’s life in serving the people of La Era. The heart of God is evident in the excellent education provided and dedication to time spent in worship.”  It is partly due to this first hand experience that she is committed to serving the ministry.

If you or someone you know would also like to visit us in Honduras, please consider joining one of the short term mission teams that serves with us through Orphan Outreach, one of our partner organizations.  More information is available by clicking here.

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