Your Word is a Lamp unto my Feet

Perhaps you’ve noticed that every little holiday in Honduras becomes kind of a big deal.  This is because the government dictates that the schools celebrate them in just the right way.  September is Bible month in Honduras, and even though the government doesn’t require that we celebrate it, we decided to make it a really BIG deal this year!  Our Bible teacher, Ms. Janeth Garcia, organized and directed a week-long event which included a Bible tournament, a parade, dramatizations of Bible stories, and a special community worship service.  This celebration not only blessed the teachers and students, but it allowed God’s message and love to shine out into the community, as well.

6th graders in Biblical Times - Drama of the Triumphal Entry.

6th graders in Biblical Times – Drama of the Triumphal Entry.

In the weeks leading up to the Bible tournament, teachers and parents worked with the students to learn and memorize Bible verses and trivia.  Each classroom held its own competition, and the winners went on to the final round, competing against others in their age range.   We were amazed at how very many verses some of our students have memorized!  For example, do you know what the name Moses means?  Our PreK/Kinder students learned it means “saved from the waters.”

While not everyone could fully participate in the Bible tournament, the Bible parade was an event that everyone could get into!  Family members helped the students design costumes and make banners with the students’ favorite Bible verses printed on them.  The theme, “Your word is a lamp unto my feet,” was lived out as our students marched jubilantly around the neighborhood of La Era dressed up as Bible characters, proclaiming the word of God.  Some of our older students stopped to hand out tracts to our neighbors and took the time to talk and pray with them.

6th graders in powerful choreography - Jesus breaks every chain!

6th graders in powerful choreography – Jesus breaks every chain!

We ended our week with a grand finale to which we invited community members and the families of our students.  Following a time of worship led by Jubilee’s praise band and the sharing of the Gospel by Pastor David, each class presented a dramatization of a Bible story.  To make sure everyone could fully enjoy the presentations, they were also performed in the classrooms which had been decorated to go along the story.  We were especially moved by the sixth graders’ enactment of a young girl being tormented and locked in chains by demons and then being set free by Jesus.

While our week-long celebration may have been a lot of work, we are confident that it already has and will continue to bear much fruit.  We know that our students were empowered as we drew on each of their unique gifts allowing them to learn and participate through music, art, drama, and dance, or by demonstrating their intellect.  The preparations took a lot of discipline, but they also allowed for meaningful times of building community and socializing.  We are so very thankful for how the Lord is working in and through Jubilee, raising up Christian leaders to further His Kingdom!

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    • Bob Beams
    • October 18, 2016

    I am so impressed with all that is going on at Jubilee and the church. I know a lot of hard work and many sacrifices have been done to produce the beautiful fruit exhibited in this report. Thanks for sharing the photos and the stories.

    • carrie wiggins
    • October 20, 2016

    I love to get the updates and I can just say WOW! God is working through your ministry in wonderful ways. God bless.

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