Get To Know Us-Ms. Janeth

Ms. Garcia began by saying, “I am very grateful to God for calling me to be part of this great family at Jubilee International. I know this is an answered prayer in my life, as I prayed so long to be in a place where I can serve God and people who need my help. God called me to this beautiful place through Pastor David. I am passionate about serving and teaching children and sharing life experiences with them. In this ministry, we are not only interested in the education through books, but of the whole being of the child.” She shared that in the past she did not like to hug, but because of this ministry, she has learned to share hugs. She has learned to say God Bless You with the freedom that Christ gives her. She said, “I love the way they treat me, as it reflects greatly the love of God in the midst of those who are part of the ministry. It fills me with joy when some of the children approach me to tell me that they love me and that I am like a mother to them. This challenges me to improve every day and give myself to do my work better in a way that pleases God.”

When asked what stories had impacted her life, Ms. García shared that there were many that had impacted her life and also strengthened her relationship with God. One specific story she shared dealt with the student, Alex Flores’. She stated that his mother once told her that they did not pray at home, but one day his mother found his son on his knees praying in his room. Alex asked his mother to leave him alone because he was praying, and since then they made the decision to join a church family. Another story she shared involved Camila, a 5-year-old little girl. Ms. García said, “Camila heard when I told my mother that I will not go to church because I am scared to go alone, and she said, “but you are with God”. I smiled and thought how amazing God is to remind me through Camilia that I am not alone and that I should not fear.” The last story that Ms. García shared is her 5-year-old cousin William’s story. She said, “I asked him to walk with me outside the house to bring in some clothes and his answer was, “Auntie do not be afraid you are with God.” My mother and I smiled and she also realized how these kids have learned to trust in God since such a young age. Again, Christ is embracing me and teaching me to depend on Him.”

Lastly, Ms. García thanked God for the opportunity to serve Him, and also thanked Jubilee Ministry with the blessings she has received from it.

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