Get To Know Us-Ms. Kelin

Ms. Kelin is our fourth grade teacher. She is passionate about her work and she says that it is different every day, as if she woke up and changed jobs every day. She said that things change every day because she works with children and nothing is repeated. There is always something new to do and she has always thought that the love children show is sincerer than of adults.

Ms. Kelin said, “I like to teach because in the process I also end up learning and that fills me with joy and a wealth that money cannot buy. It is a way to give back the blessings that God spills in my life each day. I am able to see hope and faith of innocent hearts being filled with the Spirit of our Father.”

As a teacher, Ms. Kelin has many stories that leave a mark on her life, but one that stands out the most is one of a little girl who lost her Father in late November of 2015 due to the violence of Honduras. Ms. Kelin recalled that one day a child pointed it out that the girl had no father and she then became sad. Ms. Kelin stated, “At that moment, I felt bad because I knew what had happened so I took the task of teaching them about God as our Father. Also, I expressed that when a father or a mother go to heaven, they are with God and they care for us. We should not say that we do not have a father because we are children of the King of Kings. That was how my students learned that when they were asked how many of them have a father, they all raised their hands and said, “We all have a Father.” That filled the hearts of my children with a great faith and solidarity.”

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