Meet our Staff

Excited to start 2016 in our own building!

As in all other areas of our ministry, God has blessed us richly by providing us an ever-growing, high-quality, and Christ-focused staff.  They are all passionate about loving on and enriching the lives of the children that they teach and serve every day, and we are thankful for each one of them!

Gabriela Casco, our primary school principal, started with us in 2016. She has her Master’s degree in school administration from a university in Costa Rica. She also has a rich background in music as a vocalist and oboist. As the daughter of a pastoral couple, she has been involved in her church her whole life. Both her music and church experiences have allowed her to travel to Michigan several times!


ClaudiaVelasquez, our school principal over the pre-school and kindergarten programs, has been with us since the beginning, first as a teacher for  three years, and now as a both teacher and principal. God orchestrated her running into Pastor David at just the moment that Jubileee was looking for help with the school. Ms. Velasquez is married, has a son who attends Jubilee School, and a little girl!


IMG_0745Belinda Andino, our indispensable school secretary, has been with us since the start of the 2014 school year.  Her excellent organizational skills, gracious, servant’s heart, and bright smile have made a big difference in  how smoothly everything runs behind the scenes at the school.  She is married and has three children.



IMG_0716Brenda Cubas is a licensed psychologist and has been with us since August of 2014 thanks to support from our partner ministry, Orphan Outreach.  She provides essential services to our students and their parents along with offering support and advice to our staff in how to help some of our students who struggle academically and behaviorally due to their rough home situations.  She enjoys being involved in her church and family       activities.


Paola Soto, our music teacher, started out working with Jubilee just part time in 2014, but ever since the start of our 2015 school year, she has been working with us full-time.  She is dedicated to developing an ever-growing music program for the school across all grade levels.  She is currently teaching voice/choir, guitar, keyboards, and drums.  She lives with her family and is very involved with the youth ministry at her church.


Janeth Garcia started working at Jubilee School in  2011 in the role of part time kindergarten teacher.  For the 2013-2015 school years, she worked full-time, also taking on the role of English teacher for all grades.   Since then, her role has continued to evolve.  She continues to teach all of the English classes and help out where needed at other times.  Thanks to her calm, joyful demeanor and trust in the Lord,  Ms. Janeth takes these changes in stride.  She is married and lives with her extended family.


Eduvijes Valladares lives in the community of La Era and has personal connections to many of our families.  She has been with us since 2010, and she has willingly helped out with any job that has needed doing including secretarial and custodial duties.  She continues with those responsibilities in the afternoons, but she spends most of the day helping out Ms. Claudia in the prepa classroom.  She has four adult children and many grandchildren to love on at home!


Gabriela Arevalo has worked with us since 2013, and she has been a great asset in ministering to our children. She is our Bible teacher and is over our newly furnished library. She has a passion for working with children and is very involved in children´s ministries at her church.



Kelin Casco is one busy lady!  She teaches our fourth graders all day and then heads home to take care of her son and help him with his homework before starting on her own tasks. The students show a true love for Ms. Kelin and her calming demeanor. She takes it all in stride and always appears calm with everything in order.  Ms. Kelin joined the Jubilee team in 2015.


Deysi Coronado joined us in 2016, and she is our first grade teacher. She made the transition to first grade this year, as she taught a section of our second graders last year.  She has worked as an educator since 2007, and her experience shines through!  She is married and has two children.



Wendy Romero joined our team part way through the 2014 school year, and after years of working with older students, she is continuing to work with out fifth grade students.  She is always willing to help out, give hugs, and share a smile or laugh.  She is married and lives with her family.



Nancy Sierra has been with Jubilee School since 2013.  She works hard teaching our PreK students and displays a genuine love for each one of them.  Her youngest son attends Jubilee School, and she also has two older sons.  She is married, and she and her family attend Jubilee Church.



Karol Soto has been with us since 2014 and is teaching our fifth graders.  Even though she sometimes has to discipline them, it is clear that they all love and respect her.  Ms. Karol is widowed, has a young son, and lives with her family.  She is very involved in ministries at her church.



Laura Osorio takes on the big job of teaching our sixth graders. While
she has the oldest group in our school, she is able to invest in their lives with no problem at all. She is loved by her all of her students in her classroom and is great at what she does. Her loving personality will make anyone feel welcomed.


Jose Carranza 
has been with us since 2017 and is our computer teacher. His skills in the new computer lab have become a huge asset to assisting the kids and helping them grasp the concept of what computers are capable of doing. Mr. Carranza is married, and he has two daughters and one son. He is currently studying computer information, where he hopes to further his knowledge and capabilities.




Mirel Aguilar joined us this year, and she teaches section A of our third graders. Her classroom is full of eager students and she does a great job at investing in their education and lives. Her quiet demeanor and loving spirit overflows in her classroom. Her students love her, and her first year with us has been great!




Shery Cerna joined us this year, and she teaches our class of second graders. She has a large, challenging class of thirty one students, but her calming personality and sweet spirit is able to keep them all under control. Her experience and caring nature is evident in the classroom.




Jonathan Helder has served as the Development Director since January of 2015. Prior to that Jon volunteered for 2 years as Jubilee’s Donation Coordinator. His past experiences include Accounting, Finance, Healthcare Consulting, and WebDevelopment. Jon and his wife, Emily, reside in Grand Rapids, MI and have two young children, Lily and Flint.

  • Some of our staff and teacher trainers, Jill and Kathy, up on the rooftop!

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